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As a lot of you know eyebrows are super important to me so I put a lot of effort into finding the right brow products to stock in the salon for my clients to be able to maintain their fabulous brows at home.

After a lot of research I decided on an Australian brand, Poni Cosmetics is based in Ormeau Qld. We love that Poni eyebrow products are made in Australia and are tested and trialled by Australian women.

Poni specialises in brow products but has also now released a range of lip glosses and a gorgeous contour kit.

Right now at Forever Fabulous we stock:

*The brow kit and

*The Brow magic eyebrow pencil

here I will tell you a little about the products.

Brow Magic

Is their award winning eyebrow pencil, it’s so simple to use it makes maintaining your brows at home easy!

It’s one colour suits all. The darker your brows the more pressure you need to put on the tip so you can choose a light or dark colour (or both), and no need to worry about choosing the wrong colour.

No need for a sharpener, you simply turn the end to sharpen the pencil. The tip is firm and  so fine you can easily create hair strokes.

Just like the pencil the other end also has a lid and once removed you will conveniently find a spoolie !

What more could they pack into one pencil? Well I can answer that-

The pencil actually contains biotin, an ingredient that helps grow dormant hair follicles so your brows will naturally thicken up.

poni pencil

image found on google


Brow Magic retails for $19

The Brow Kit

Is an all in one brow kit that makes it easy to create the perfect brows at home every time. We also use these products on our clients in the salon.





What do you get in the kit?

-An (optional) brow stencil– we will help you choose which out of 8 different shaped stencil best suits you.

poni stencil Georgia

georgia is just one of the gorgeous brow stencils to choose from.

-A poni highlighter– a gorgeous pencil with a hint of sparkle that is perfect for under the brows, inner corner of the eyes or even check bones.

poni highlighter


-A dual ended eyebrow brush

A brow wax– to keep those hairs perfectly groomed

-and a brow powder– your choice of three colours


*Thoroughbred and


The Brow Kit retails for only $55

Pop into Forever Fabulous to have a play with our testers and we will help you decide which product is best for you.

or call 0400361822




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