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Time is precious, lets not waste it on makeup !

Time is precious, lets not waste it on makeup !

As women our time is precious, whether we are mothers, professional or both we usually do not have time to waste on makep right?


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Of course we all like to look and feel fabulous but the last thing we want to do is waste time trying to perfect winged eyeliner or spend forever trying even up and fill in our brows, makeup is important but so is our time!

Cosmetic tattoo is the answer !

No longer do we have to worry about wasting our time every morning, standing in front of the mirror feeling irritated because we just can’t get it right or skipping eyeliner altogether because it will eventually end up smudged around our eyes anyway.

With the  advanced techniques we use at Forever Fabulous we are now able to create realistic looking hair stroke eyebrows and  eyeliners in all shapes and sizes that define and reshape the eyes perfectly.

No more panda eyes or worrying about wiping off a brow when we sweat ! Brows are on point everyday and eyeliner and lips are lined to perfection!

Call Forever Fabulous on 0400361822 to find out more or check out our gallery for before and after photos.

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